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Web Services Overview

Web Services

Web Services are XML based information exchange systems. DRTrack can receive or send web service calls for data regarding orders, accounts, and route information by utilizing Web Services Description Language (WSDL), an XML based language used to provide a machine readable description of a web service, how the service can be called, what parameters are expected, and what data structures are returned.

Benefits of using Web Services include

  • Seamless order and account level data import with no user interaction.
  • Near real time data exchange.
  • Ability to receive info captured by mobile devices, including pictures and signatures (device specific).
  • Service calls and pushes can be scheduled to occur automatically on a recurring basis (batch process).

All requests include your unique WebService Client Identifier and are authenticated with GetAuthenticationToken, used by our Billing and Licensing system to validate user identification info. Each return response will include status error codes and/or warnings, when applicable.

Web Service Inbound (to Trimble) Request

Web Services Flow - Import

Web Service Outbound (Export) Response

Web Services Flow - Export
Last updated November 23, 2021.