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Android .NET MAUI CPIK Libraries

NOTE: Microsoft has announced that on May 1, 2024 it will end support for Xamarin.Forms, which is evolving into .NET MAUI. Starting with CoPilot 10.27, we have migrated our Xamarin.Forms Skeleton app to .NET MAUI. Currently, .NET MAUI only builds for Android, not iOS. Xamarin is still supported in CoPilot 10.27, but it will not be supported in future versions of CoPilot. To integrate CoPilot using .NET, you will need to use Visual Studio 2022 (version 17.8 or higher) and .NET 8.0 or higher.

Libraries and Assets

You can download and integrate the CPIK libraries files for Android .NET one of two ways:

  • Automated method, using our public repository.
  • Manual method, by logging into our public repository or Partner Portal.

The steps to integrate CPIK for .NET MAUI for Android are the same as the .NET Android instructions. Whether you are adding CPIKWrapper.dll or NuGet you need to make sure you add it to net7.0-android.

The directory in the Skeleton app

Last updated June 11, 2024.