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About CoPilot

CoPilot provides in-cab GPS navigation that is safe and truck-legal in regions around the world. It can be integrated with your existing workflow, proof of delivery, or any application that improves efficiency and productivity for a mobile workforce. Beyond just preventing drivers from getting lost, it gives businesses the opportunity to make decisions and communicate with customers based on real-time activity out in the field.

About this guide

We have created this guide to help explain the many features of CoPilot. CoPilot was built to be customized, and it offers a wide range of configurable settings and robust integration capabilities within the CoPilot Software Development Kit (SDK) app, CoPilot Integration Kit (CPIK) libraries and standalone app. Compatible with handheld, tablet, laptop or online terminals, CoPilot is an offline solution – map data is stored on the device, which removes the need to rely on ongoing data downloads for navigation.

Our customers and integration partners often find the best way to use this guide is to search for features that interest them, and then to dig deeper into a topic by:

  • Testing features through a CoPilot demo. Request a demo

  • Consulting CoPilot’s API documentation, which explains the code required to implement each feature. CoPilot also offers the Fragment app which shows – side-by-side – a feature and the related APIs needed to integrate it into your solution.

  • Reviewing the contents available within the CoPilot Feature Guide relating to specific features, such as the CoPilot User Interface (UI), installation and configuration.

  • Viewing the Resources section on which includes brochures, videos, case studies, etc.

  • Reading the CoPilot user guide and FAQs in our Support Center.

Last updated February 13, 2024.