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Release Notes

An updated version of CoPilot is released on a regular basis, including major releases and maintenance releases.

  • Our major releases include new features and can be identified by a change in the initial version numbers. (For instance,

  • Our maintenance releases will not generally include any new features and will, in most instances, only differ by the ending version number. (For instance, x.x.x.965)

Our release notes provide information about all of the major new features, enhancements and fixes in each version. The updates in each version are carried over to the versions that follow. As a result, it may be helpful to review notes from more than one release to gain a complete understanding of all the changes since your last version.

Software Updates

Data Updates

Not every integration or platform is published with each release version. Please be sure to review the section Platforms Released to verify if your required platform was supported.
Last updated March 18, 2024.
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