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Version 10.27


CoPilot -

Platforms Released Release Date
Android SDK App, Android CPIK libraries, Android Xamarin CPIK libraries, Android .NET CPIK libraries, CoPilot GPS (Android and iOS), iOS CPIK libraries, iOS Xamarin CPIK libraries, iOS .NET CPIK libraries, React Native (Android and iOS) January 2024

New Features

Search for locations in a single text box

The two text boxes for address searches have been replaced by a single search box where an entire address can be entered. This new Search feature uses CoPilot’s online location database to look for a matching address. To do this, search requires a mobile internet connection—Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Single search
Single Search in CoPilot

Integrate CoPilot using .NET Android or .NET iOS

CPIK libraries now support integrations using .NET Android and .NET iOS as a replacement for Xamarin. We recommend all current Xamarin implementations transition to .NET, as technical support for Xamarin versions of CoPilot ends on March 31, 2024.

Run CoPilot in split screen view on Android

CoPilot now supports split screen view on Android devices. Split screen view allows you to display two applications at the same time. (For example, an ELD screen and CoPilot navigation.)

Split Screen View
A split screen view of CoPilot (left) running alongside MileOn by PC*Miler.

Enhanced Features

Select day or night mode

CoPilot’s new Day/Night Mode setting allows drivers to select whether the background of their CoPilot map screen appears light or dark.

Get better paths to Sites

Last-mile routing to and from Sites using entry and exit gate paths has also been improved. Sites are also now displayed in a trip’s MAP preview screen.

Sites Routing
A Site path shown in the CoPilot MAP screen.

Tap Site notes to hear the note read aloud

CoPilot now reads Site notes aloud when the driver taps the yellow sticky note icon that indicates a note is available. Site notes can include any information about a location that you think would be helpful to a driver.

Site Notes
CoPilot uses text-to-speech to read Site notes to drivers.

Generate better short-haul routes

The CoPilot routing algorithm has been improved in order to reduce unnecessary mileage in short-haul (150-mile or less) routes by giving more consideration to lower-class roads during route calculation. No change is required for users to take advantage of this improved routing.

Short Haul Routing
A route between West Vero Corridor, FL and Tampa, FL. The red route (129.9 miles) improves upon CoPilot’s previous (green) route (154.3 miles) by avoiding Interstate 95.

Find more live parking information

The live parking feature has been enhanced to provide more relevant results based on a driver’s location search. (Available in the U.S. Midwest only)

Receive improved weather alerts

The weather alerts feature has been improved to prevent duplicate alerts and to improve the display of alerts. (Available in U.S. and Canada only. Requires add-on license.)

Removed Features

  • The option to download maps using cellular data has been removed from CoPilot’s Settings > Data & Battery > Cellular Usage menu for enterprise/fleet customers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash observed on startup under certain situations in CoPilot

  • Fixed an issue where CoPilot was still issuing a safety camera alert even after the vehicle had passed the safety camera.

  • Fixed an issue where RouteReporter was displaying an incorrect Route Source in certain situations.

  • Fixed issue where POI distances displayed as On Route were not showing the correct distance from current location.

  • Fixed an issue where the arrival notification pop-up message is displayed too soon.

  • Fixed a graphics deadlock issue when OpenGL is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where text-to-speech (TTS) on iOS devices was defaulting to Apple TTS (en-ZA) rather than Apple TTS (en-US).

Last updated June 7, 2024.