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Version 10.28


CoPilot -

Platforms Released Release Date
CoPilot GPS (Google Play Store only), Android CPIK libraries, Android SDK App April 2024

Enhanced Features

View critical weather alerts

Weather alerts have been improved so that CoPilot no longer displays alerts with a Risk level of None.

Set My Maps to read only

The My Maps screen can be set to “read only” so a driver can see the progress of map downloads and updates but not interact with the screen. Contact us if you are interested in this feature.

Prevent trip edits when using URL launch

The AllowEditTrip configuration setting, which determines whether a driver can edit a trip passed into CoPilot, can now be set for integrations that use URL launch. Setting it to 0 prevents the driver from editing the trip. The setting is:


Hide the Off Route icon

A new configuration setting gives you the option to hide the Off Route icon displayed in CoPilot when the driver leaves the planned route. The icon is shown by default. The setting is:

"ShowOORAlert"=1 // Set to 0 to hide the Off Route icon

Updated rollover icon

The high rollover risk alert icon has been changed to yellow from red to help distinguish it from other warning icons.

Rollover icon
High rollover risk warning

Language update

The country name “Turkey” was updated to “Turkiye” in the My Maps screen.

Removed Feature

The option to save maps to an SD card has been removed from the My Maps screen on devices running Android 11 or higher. SD card map storage is no longer recommended with newer versions of Android.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues where CoPilot might revert to the original route after the driver has accepted a detour.

Fixed an issue where the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) warning pop-up would continue to be displayed even after the drive selects a detour around it.

Fixed CoPilot’s detour logic to better account for a vehicle’s current position.

Last updated April 8, 2024.