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Introduction to CoPilot Standalone App

The CoPilot Standalone App is a streamlined option for integrating CoPilot navigation into an existing workflow. It allows you to customize and deploy CoPilot with little or no development work, in iOS or Android. CoPilot can be downloaded from app stores or installed via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Once installed, CoPilot runs completely separate from any partner app from which it is launched. While it can operate independently, it is best enhanced using a combination of:

  • Cloud-based web tools including Account Manager to apply Vehicle Routing Profiles and other CoPilot settings for the fleet, and ContentTools to create custom location content.
  • A consolidated URL launch command from the partner’s app to identify a CoPilot user for licensing and web tools configuration and to send stops on a trip to a driver’s device for CoPilot navigation.
  • Web APIs to gather dispatch information from a partner’s telematics app, create a trip and send it to a specific driver’s device for CoPilot navigation.

This new option allows full dispatch integration while using the simplicity of app store distribution for map and software updates.

Last updated January 10, 2024.