Introduction to CoPilot SDK App

This site is for developers looking for technical information on how to integrate with CoPilot’s Software Development Kit (SDK) App. It explains how to set up the sample application and get started developing your own application making use of the CoPilot APIs.

Platform Setup Guides #

CoPilot SDK App is supported on Android and Windows platforms. To get set up on these platforms please see our platform specific set up guides which provide insight into how to get set up with your CoPilot SDK application.

API Summary #

There are many different ways CoPilot can be integrated with your application. With over 150 APIs there is a lot of content available to you. To help provide an overview of the functions available an SDK Summary section can be found which provides a short description on each of the APIs available.

This section has been split into core areas with sub sections which cover specific functions available within CoPilot. These sections are as follows:

Last updated May 26, 2021.