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WeatherRadar Layer

The WeatherRadar layer allows you to display weather data overlayed on the current map. Using the display parameter, you can choose to display either radar or satellite weather data, or you can choose from multiple specialized weather views.


Setting the display parameter to “radar” will allow you to display radar weather data on your map.


Setting the display parameter to “satellite” will allow you to display satellite weather data on your map.

Other Display Options

Other settings for the display parameter include:

Parameter Description Example
satellite-infrared-color A satellite view with infrared color Satellite With Color
tropical-cyclones-names Named cyclones Tropical Cyclones
stormcells Active storm cells throughout the U.S. Storm Cells
lightning-strikes Cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the last 5 or 15 (default) minutes Lightning Strikes
ftemperatures Forecast temperatures Forecast Temperatures
ftemperatures-max Forecast high temperatures Forecast High Temperatures
ftemperatures-min Forecast low temperatures Forecast Low Temperatures
fqsf-accum Forecast for snow accumulation Snow Accumulation
fwind-speeds Forecast for wind speeds Forecast Wind Speeds
wind-speeds Current wind speeds Current Winds
wind-dir Current wind direction Wind Direction

(Weather data and images from AERIS Weather.)

Last updated March 25, 2022.