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TruckRestrictions Layer

The L.ALKMaps.Layer.TruckRestrictions layer allows you to display truck restrictions on your map. These restrictions include:

  • Road restrictions such as Auto Restricted, Truck Restricted, and Delivery Trucks Only
  • Size restrictions such as Max Height, Max Weight, Max Width, Max Length, Max Axles, and Has Trailer
  • Hazmat and Tunnel restrictions

Clicking the icon opens a pop-up message with details about the restrictions on that road link. You can set the language and units of measurement used in descriptions of restrictions. The available options are in the table below.


Parameter Data Type Description
region string The data region for truck restrictions. Valid values are:
NA - North America (Default)
EU - Europe
language string The language used in descriptions of restrictions. Valid values are:
en - English (Default)
fr - French
es - Spanish
de - German
it - Italian
sv - Swedish
units int The units used in restrictions. Valid values are:
0 - British (Imperial) (Default)
1 - Metric

Default Icons

Category Image
Road restrictions Road Restrictions
Size restrictions Size Restrictions
Hazmat restrictions Hazmat Restrictions
Multiple restrictions on a road link Multiple Restrictions
Last updated May 7, 2024.