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Custom Layers

In this guide we will add a simple point layer. See the Style Specification for information about how to define and style custom layers.

First define the geojson for a point. For this example we are using hardcoded data but you can integrate data from a webservice or other source as well.

  var point = {
    type: 'FeatureCollection',
        type: 'Feature',
        properties: {},
        geometry: {
          type: 'Point',
          coordinates: [-77.38, 39]

Add the geojson to the map as a source.

  map.addSource('point', {
    type: 'geojson';,
    data: point

Finally we add the point layer using our point source.

      'id': 'point',
      'source': 'point',
      'type': 'circle',
      'paint': {
        'circle-color': "blue",
        'circle-radius': 10

Your finished map will look something like this. The complete code can be found in our Examples.

Custom Layer

Last updated June 11, 2024.