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3D Buildings Layer

The satellite imagery layer is included in the satellite styles. Trimble Maps provides one set of satellite imagery with the SDK. Other options are available as a premium offering. Contact Sales for more information on licensing.

The included set of satellite imagery is enabled and visible by default in the satellite style. Premium Satellite imagery licensees can change the active imagery by setting the satelliteProvider map option.

This option can be set at map initialization.

    const map = new TrimbleMaps.Map({
        container: "map",
        zoom: 15.4,
        center: [-75.163132, 39.951872],
        region: TrimbleMaps.Common.Region.NA3,
        style: TrimbleMaps.Common.Style.SATELLITE,
        language: TrimbleMaps.Common.Language.EN,
        hash: true,
        satelliteProvider: TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT1, // satellite source provider

or after map load

    map.on("load", function () {
        setTimeout(function () {
            if (map.isStyleLoaded()) {
                map.setStyle(TrimbleMaps.Common.Style.SATELLITE, {
                    satelliteProvider: TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT1, // satellite source provider
        }, 10000);

There are several satellite imagery options available to premium customers.

Enumeration Description Requires Premium
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.DEFAULT Default (DigitalGlobeAPIIMagery) No
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.ALKCURATED Includes TrimbleMaps curated imagery for some areas, uses DigitalGlobeAPIIMagery elsewhere No
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT1 DigitalGlobe Yes
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT2 DigitalGlobeConsumer Yes
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT3 DigitalGlobeTrueCurrency Yes
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT4 DigitalGlobeColorConsumer Yes
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT5 DigitalGlobeAPIVivid Yes
TrimbleMaps.Common.SatelliteProvider.SAT6 DigitalGlobeAPIRecent Yes
Last updated October 6, 2022.