Maps SDK Release Notes



July 2021

  • NEW The JavaScript Maps SDK v3 incorporates a wide range of enhancements in how maps are rendered using the latest version of Mapbox GLJS (v1.12). It includes enhanced map controls, styling, 3D capabilities, and other features for a high level of detail and customization.

    Highlights of the release include:

    • Custom 3D layers. With a custom style layer using three.js, you can add 3D models to the map, including Trimble-owned content from the SketchUp team.

    • Improved gesture support on desktop and mobile. Three new touch gestures have been added: two-finger swipe to adjust pitch, two-finger double tap to zoom out, and tap and drag to adjust zoom with one finger.

    • New events to track map rendering. A new idle event fires when no further rendering is expected.

    • New map initialization options (bounding box). New bounds and fitBoundsOptions map constructor options can be used to indicate the initial map view in place of center and zoom.

    • Improved popups. New features include an option to set maxWidth, which defaults to 240px, and the option for closeOnMove which, when set to true, closes the popup when the map’s position changes.

    • Updated clustering and data sources. This includes a clusterProperties option for aggregated cluster properties, and methods for changing a vector tile source dynamically (e.g. setTiles, setUrl)

    Existing users can upgrade to the latest version by updating the version number in the JavaScript and CSS files in the <head> of your HTML file. Contact us if you are not a licensed Maps SDK user and would like to learn more.


  • NEW Two new add-on scripts are now available:

    • The Single Search Add-on adds a geocoding search box to the map. Users search for a location by address or GPS coordinates and select the best match from the typeahead list. The map automatically zooms in on the selected location.

    • The Draw Tool Add-on adds a control that allows the user to draw point markers and polygons on the map.


  • NEW Added TrimbleMaps layer controls (set/get/toggle visibility) to map
    • Custom road


  • NEW Added TrimbleMaps layer controls (set/get/toggle visibility) to map
    • WeatherCloud
    • Places
  • NEW Drag routing
  • NEW UseSites for routing
  • NEW Reorder stop icons on optimize
  • FIXED While missing css error message updated to developer site URL
  • FIXED Fix weather alert legend and weather alert filter control
  • FIXED Fix for map attributions


  • FIXED Bug fix for “http” service links.


  • NEW Added LICENSE.txt file


  • NEW Added TrimbleMaps layer controls (set/get/toggle visibility) to map
    • Traffic
    • Weather Radar
    • Weather Alerts
    • Road Surface
    • Points of Interest
    • 3D Buildings
  • NEW Added WeatherAlertClickControl
  • NEW Added WeatherAlertFilterControl
  • NEW Added WeatherAlertLegendControl


  • NEW Initial release
Last updated July 16, 2021.