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Routing plugin

The routing plugin allows you to generate safe and legal routes for commercial vehicles and display those routes on the map. To use the plugin:

To add the dependency, configure your Cartfile as follows:

# Latest release
binary "" == 1.0.1
binary "" == 1.0.1
binary "" == 1.0.0
github "raphaelmor/Polyline" ~> 5.0

When initializing the RoutePlugin, you pass it the TMGLMapView that the plugin will draw routes on.

routePlugin = RoutePlugin(mapView: mapView)

How to generate a route

In order to use the route plugin, you must first create a route to pass in. To generate a route, you need to define and initiate the RouteOptions with a list of all stops in the trip.

let options = RouteOptions(waypoints: [startPoint, stopPoint, endPoint])
let route = Route()
route.routeOptions = options

Once we have a valid route, we can pass that route into the RoutePlugin and it will draw the route on the map.

Last updated December 20, 2023.