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The routing module allows you to generate safe and legal routes for commercial vehicles and display those routes on the map. The code samples below depict how to build a simple route with two stops.

Retrieve the route plugin module:

const TrimbleMapsRoute = NativeModules.TrimbleMapsRouteModule;

Before adding a route to the map, ensure that the map has loaded.

const createRoute = async () => {
  let stops = [
    [40.361202, -74.599773],
    [40.232968, -74.773348],
  if (Platform.OS === "ios") {
    // initialize route options with stops of the trip
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.createRouteOptions(stops);
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.color(TrimbleMapsMapViewConstants.MAGENTA);
    // generate route takes id of the route
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.generateRoute("testRoute");
  } else if (Platform.OS === "android") {
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.createDirectionsBuilder();
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.origin(40.361202, -74.599773);
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.destination(40.232968, -74.773348);
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.buildDirections();
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.createRouteBuilder();
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.routeOptions();
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.color(TrimbleMapsMapViewConstants.MAGENTA);
    await TrimbleMapsRoute.buildRoute();
  // adds the route to the current map view
  await TrimbleMapsRoute.addRoute();
  // moves the map camera to the route
  await TrimbleMapsRoute.frameRoute();
Last updated February 6, 2024.