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Create a Place Set

The ContentTools API has been deprecated and replaced by the Places API.

POST /placesets

Adds a place set.


Authorization: bearer {token}


Name Description Data Type
Name (Required) Name of the place set

  • Place set names are unique per account.
  • Place set name cannot be null.
  • Place set name should support alphanumeric values.
  • Place set names cannot exceed 100 characters.
Category (Optional) Category associated with the placeset
Valid categories include:
  • truck
  • auto_rental
  • entertainment
  • retail
  • restaurant
  • parking
  • other
  • medical
  • hotel
  • fuel
  • charging_station
  • distribution_center
  • bank
  • airport
The place set will be marked as other when no category is specified.


Name Description Data Type
id Unique place set identifier
ModifiedOn Indicates the last time the place was modified

Sample Request

  "Name": "placeSetName",
  "Category": "truck"

Sample Response

  "data": [
      "Id": 10386508,
      "ModifiedOn": "2019-02-26T15:30:32.663+00:00"

Error Codes

Name Description
Set with that name and/or tag already exists. This will be thrown when you add a place set with the same name that already exists in the account.
Last updated January 9, 2023.
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