Create a Place Set

POST /placesets #

Adds a place set.

Request #

Authorization: bearer {token}


Name Description Data Type
Name (Required) Name of the place set

  • Place set names are unique per account.
  • Place set name cannot be null.
  • Place set name should support alphanumeric values.
  • Place set names cannot exceed 100 characters.
Category (Optional) Category associated with the placeset
Valid categories include:
  • truck
  • auto_rental
  • entertainment
  • retail
  • restaurant
  • parking
  • other
  • medical
  • hotel
  • fuel
  • charging_station
  • distribution_center
  • bank
  • airport
The place set will be marked as other when no category is specified.

Response #

Name Description Data Type
id Unique place set identifier
ModifiedOn Indicates the last time the place was modified

Sample Request #

  "Name": "placeSetName",
  "Category": "truck"

Sample Response #

  "data": [
      "Id": 10386508,
      "ModifiedOn": "2019-02-26T15:30:32.663+00:00"

Error Codes #

Name Description
Set with that name and/or tag already exists. This will be thrown when you add a place set with the same name that already exists in the account.
Last updated September 24, 2020.