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Place Editor

The ContentTools API has been deprecated and replaced by the Places API.

GET /editor/url/places/{placeId}

Returns a URL that opens a map in the ContentTools user interface where you can view and edit a custom Place. The Place you want to view is identified in the request by its placeId.


Authorization: bearer {token}


Name Description Data Type
expirationInHours (Optional) Sets an expiration in hours for the URL in the response. Can take values between 1 to 6 (hours). By default, the expiration is set to 6 hours.


Name Description Data Type
url URL to view & edit the place in ContentTools
expires The date and time at which the URL is set to expire

Sample Response

  "data": [
      "url": "",
      "expires": "2019-08-13T15:11:22.2590954+00:00"

Sample Error Response

  "errors": [
      "ErrorType": "DataAccessException",
      "Description": "Cannot find Item with supplied id",
      "ErrorCode": "-1"

Error Codes

Message Description
ArgumentException / Invalid Item Identifier - must be greater than zero placeId is not a valid positive integer
BadRequest / expirationInHours must be a positive integer of at most 6 expirationInHours is out-of-bounds
DataAccessException / Cannot find Item with supplied id The specified place does not exist or has been deleted
DataAccessException / You do not have access to the Item with the specified id The specified place exists, but does not belong to your account
Last updated February 8, 2022.
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