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Web Services Features


PC*MILER Web Services is a collection of RESTful APIs that allow you to:

  • Generate routes, maps, and driving directions that are safe and legal for heavy duty trucks and other commercial vehicles.
  • Calculate distances and drive times for trucking lanes throughout the world.
  • Retrieve location information ranging from addresses and coordinates to detailed site information for millions of distribution centers, warehouses, shopping centers, and other places the transportation industry serves.

The charts below list the features and add-ons available with a Premium PC*MILER Web Services subscription. Contact us to learn more or you can request a free, trial key to test the APIs for a limited time.

Premium Features

API Feature Description
Routing Practical, Shortest, and Fastest routing Use any of these three methodologies to calculate routes:

Practical – A route that represents distances and routes a driver would normally take to minimize time and cost.

Shortest – A route that represents distances and driving routes that a vehicle would take to minimize total distance traveled while still following a reasonable route.

Fastest – A route that uses day of the week or time of day information in conjunction with real-time or historical traffic data to calculate the quickest route to the trip’s destination.

Routing Routing for Auto, Light Duty, and Trucks Calculate routes based on the vehicle type.

Vehicle Routing Profile API

Routing for custom vehicle dimensions Generate safe, legal, and efficient routes—from avoiding low bridges and sharp turns to following roads designated as truck routes—based on a truck’s size, weight, and physical and legal road restrictions.
Routing Hazmat routing Generate safe, legal, and efficient routes for hauling hazardous materials.
Routing Hub routing Create routes from a single starting place (origin) to multiple destinations.
Routing Elevation limit routing Limit routes to only roads below a specific elevation.
Routing Emissions calculator Estimate greenhouse gas emissions for a route.
Routing Maintain heading routing Build routes that avoid U-turns at intermediate stops and instead leave the stop in the same direction the vehicle entered it.
Routing Side of street routing Build routes that try to approach a stop from the side of the street where the stop is located.
Routing Sites routing Route to a location with a pre-defined boundary polygon around its perimeter, entry and exit points (gates), and other valuable locational information.
Routing Route Modifiers (Avoids/Favors/Closures) Modify routes by selecting specific roads you want to avoid, favor, or close.
Routing Route Optimization Optimize the order of stops to minimize the total time (when using Practical routing), or the total distance (when using Shortest routing).
Route Reports MileageReport
Route Path *
Create a route and retrieve a wide range of information about it—everything from PC*MILER practical miles (version 18 and Later) and turn-by-turn directions to trip costs and a detailed route path (version 34 and Later).
Classic Geocoding Forward Geocoding
Reverse Geocoding
Batch Forward Geocode
Batch Reverse Geocode
Find GPS coordinates as well as complete address information for a given street address or submit coordinates and get the approximate address on which that point is located. Can be done for single or multiple (batch) locations.
Single Search Geocoding Single Search
Batch Single Search
Geocode an address that a user submits as a single string of text—similar to a query on a web search engine.
Location Intelligence SPLCs in geocoding Retrieve location information using Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC).
Location Intelligence Places Retrieve location information for millions of commercial locations across North America that serve the transportation industry.
Route Path Route Path * Retrieve a series of geographic coordinate points that make up a route.
Vehicle Profile Management Create, Modify, Delete, Get Default Profiles Save and name a collection of settings that ensure the routing algorithm knows the type of vehicle being driven so it applies all physical and legal road restrictions when generating the route.
Mapping Map Image Retrieve a map image of any size.
Mapping Raster Map Tiles Retrieve a single raster map tile image at a given location and zoom level.
Mapping Map Image with Route Take a list of geographic coordinate points that make up the requested route and draw the route on a map image.
Polygon County Retrieve the geographic coordinates for a polygon that outlines a specified county or counties. (U.S. Only)
Polygon State Retrieve the geographic coordinates for a polygon that outlines a specified state or states. (U.S. and Canada Only)
Polygon Zip Code Retrieve the geographic coordinates for a polygon that outlines a specified ZIP code. (U.S. only)
No Rating (Current Version Only) Advanced Routing Features ** Create commercial vehicle routes with the most up-to-date Trimble data.

* Requires additional license for JavaScript maps.
** Available as an API key setting.

Premium Add-on Features

API Feature Description
Distance Matrix Synchronous Distance Matrix Submit a matrix with up to 10 x 10 origins and destinations and generate travel times and distances for each origin-destination pair.
Distance Matrix Asynchronous Distance Matrix Submit a matrix with up to 5,000 x 5,000 origins and destinations and asynchronously retrieve travel times and distances for each origin-destination pair. With configurable routing options, and vehicle routing profiles, distances and times are based on actual commercial vehicle routes.
Distance Matrix Asynchronous Ultrafast Distance Matrix Submit a matrix with up to 10,000 x 10,000 origins and destinations and asynchronously retrieve travel times and distances for each origin-destination pair. With a standard vehicle routing profile, distances and times are based on actual commercial vehicle routes.
Location Intelligence POIs along the route Retrieve the Points of Interest (POIs) along a given route.
Location Intelligence Dwell Time for Premium Places Calculate dwell times for your assets at millions of warehouses, distribution centers, and other business-critical locations across North America.
Location Intelligence Posted Speed Limits Request the posted speed limit for the road link at a location.
Mapping Weather Overlay - Radar Retrieve a weather radar to be overlayed on a map image.
Mapping Weather Overlay - Satellite Retrieve a satellite image to be overlayed on a map image.
Mapping Road Surface Tile Retrieve a map image overlay for road surface conditions. (North America only)
Mapping Road Surface Route Retrieve a list of road surface conditions at each point of a route path. (North America only)
Route Reports HoursOfService Calculate estimated departure and arrival times for all stops using detailed hours of service (HOS) information. The report also inserts stops to maintain HOS compliance.
Route Reports WeatherAlerts (NWS Polygons) Retrieve weather alerts for a give map view port. (North America only)
Single Vehicle Optimization Time Window Optimization Create a route that groups stops in a logical and efficient order while also taking into account specific time windows for arriving at each stop.
Traffic Traffic Speeds, Incidents, and Closures Use historical and real-time traffic information to improve routes and to calculate accurate travel time predictions.
Last updated July 2, 2024.
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