Geocoding retrieves longitude and latitude coordinates for a given address, as well as additional information about that address.

If the geocoding service finds multiple results that match the address, the best match is returned by default. To receive multiple results, set the optional list property to the desired amount.

GET /locations

Resource URL

Below are the most frequently used parameters for this API. Please go here for a full list of request parameters.

URL Parameters

Required fields are city, state and country; or postcode; or splc. To geocode a location outside of North America, the region field is also required. These are the most commonly used parameters for this API. Please go here for a full list of request parameters.





Geocode Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
AddressEncapsulates the details about the locationComplex
CoordsEncapsulates the details about the longitude/latitudeComplex
RegionIndicates the region of the locationEnum0 - Unknown
1 - AF
2 - AS
3 - EU
4 - NA(default)
5 - OC
6 - SA
7 - ME
LabelThe label to be displayed on maps and reports in association with a stopstring
PlaceNameThe place name which corresponds to custom place.string
TimeZoneTime zone that the geocoded result is situated within.string
ErrorsEncapsulated the details about the errors associated with the geocode locationList of Complex Objects
ConfidenceLevelThe confidence level of the match. See detailed definition in Glossary.stringExact, Good, Uncertain, Failed
DistanceFromRoadThe distance from coordinate to nearest road.double
SpeedLimitInfoSpeed limit of the geocoded coordinates.Complex
SpeedLimitHeadingHeading used for reverse geocoding to properly snap to the right link.double


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
StreetAddressThe house number and street namestring1 Independence Way
CityThe name of the citystringPrinceton
StateThe two letter state abbreviationstringNJ
ZipThe postal code or zipstring08540
CountyThe county or jurisdiction.stringMercer
CountryThe name of the countrystring
SPLCThe Standard Point Location code to use in place of street/city/state/zipstring183444301
CountryPostalFilterThe postal code filter; use this to filter zip codes by countryEnum0 - US
1- Mexico
2 - Both
AbbreviationFormatThe abbreviation format for the country code. This is not applicable for NA dataset. See country code table in Appendix.Enum0 - FIPS
1 - ISO2
2 - ISO3
3 - GENC2
4 - GENC3
CountryAbbreviationAbbreviated country code corresponding to requested format.string


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
TypeIndicates whether the error is an exception or warningEnumWarning
CodeError codeEnumPlease refer to Appendix for complete list
LegacyErrorCodeThe legacy error code with is an integer valued code that would have been returned in PC*MILER Web Services v25 and earlier.Int
DescriptionThe detailed error description.string
Last updated March 30, 2020.