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Map Tile


Map tiles are small rectangular images that are displayed in a grid arrangement to show a larger map image.

The Map Tile API retrieves a single raster map tile image at a given location and zoom level. Tiles can be rendered in either a .jpeg or a .png format and displayed in a wide range of satellite and road map styles.

The service can be used to draw maps that can pan or zoom to show varying levels of detail at locations around the world—from the entire world in a single tile at zoom level 0 to tiles that display individually labeled roads and buildings at higher zoom levels.

Requires a license for access to Trimble Maps JavaScript.

GET /maptile

Resource URL

Request Parameters

To display tiles for a specific location, you need to know the z/y/x coordinates of that location, which are the only required parameters for a request. Any additional parameters not specified will use default values.

Parameter Description Data Type Note
X The tile's horizontal coordinate.
Y The tile's vertical coordinate.
Z The zoom level.
Format Optional parameter to specify the image format.
Formats are:
image/jpeg (default)
Dataset For users licensed for multiple regional datasets this allows you to target data from different regions or access the WorldWide data.
Read more about setting the dataset.
Current (default), PCM_EU, PCM_OC, PCM_SA, PCM_AF, PCM_AS, PCM_ME, PCM_GT, PCM_WW and PCM_NA.
Style The style of map image Default (default), Classic, Monochrome, RoadAtlas, Darkness, Modern, Contemporary, Night, Satellite, Lightness, Smooth and Terrain See special notes below about Satellite style with ImgSrc.
ImgSrc Optional background image provider. Currently only supports Satellite style and will be ignored for all others. ALKCurated
Sat1 is a Premium Satellite option that provides curated Satellite images and tiles to users. If no curated data is available, Default(DigitalGlobeAPIImagery) option will be used.
ALKCurated is a Satellite option available to all users. However, certain curated data is excluded and Default(DigitalGlobeAPIImagery) option will be used instead.
Values other than Default or ALKCurated require a Premium add-on license for that style.

Sample Request - Default Style

The sample URL below retrieves a map tile at zoom level 6 near the border of Oklahoma and Texas in the United States. It uses the default road map style.{Insert Your API key}

Default Style Map Tile

Sample Request - Satellite Style

The same request using a satellite map style.{Insert Your API key}

Satellite Style Map Tile

Last updated May 16, 2024.
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