Get a Specific Place Set

GET /placesets/{setId}

Returns information about a place set associated with the setId.


Authorization: bearer {token}


NameDescriptionData Type
SetIdUnique placeset identifierInt
NameName of the placesetstring
ModifiedOnIndicates the last time the place was modifiedDateTime
PlacesCountNumber of places within the placesetInt
CategoriesCategory associated with the placeset
Valid categories include:
  • truck
  • auto_rental
  • entertainment
  • retail
  • restaurant
  • parking
  • other
  • medical
  • hotel
  • fuel
  • charging_station
  • distribution_center
  • bank
  • airport

Sample Response

  "data": [
      "Name": "Truck Stops",
      "Id": 204737,
      "PlacesCount": 3,
      "ModifiedOn": "2019-02-19T22:47:37.93+00:00",
      "Categories": ["truck"],
      "Places": []

Error Codes

Cannot find Set with supplied idThis error will be thrown when the setId does not belong to the account.