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Facility Information


Facility Information, if available, is returned as part of a Place’s details in a GET call to the /details API. It includes things such as the Place’s fuel options, parking information, amenities and repair services.

If the Place offers a particular service or amenity, it will be returned within the JSON describing a Place using the terminology in the tables below.


24hourOpenOpen 24/7
atmATM at location
carOnlyOnly cars allowed
convenienceStoreConvenience store at location
electricChargingElectric vehicle charging
hotelNearbyHotel near location
laundryLaundry services available at location
mailingServicesMail/Copy/Fax services available at location
moneyServicesMoney services available at location
permanentlyClosedLocation permanently closed
permitServicesTruck permit services available at location
picnicAreaOutdoor picnic area at location
rfidRFID cardless fueling
rvDumpGrey water/sewage tank empty location
restaurantRestaurant at location
restroomsRestrooms at location
scaleTruck scale at location (including CAT scales)
seasonalLocation is only open seasonally
showersShowers available at location
temporarilyClosedLocation is temporarily closed (for construction)
transfloExpress scanning, scanned trip documents are transmitted electronically to the carrier
tripPakExpress scanning, scanned trip documents are transmitted electronically to the carrier
truckOnlyOnly trucks allowed
truckWashTruck wash available at location
vendingMachineVending machines available at location
wifiWi-Fi available at location


bulkPropaneBulk propane available
cngClass8Compressed natural gas fuel - vehicle with a GVWR exceeding 33,000 lb
defDiesel exhaust fluid available
fuelFuel available
lngLiquefied natural gas fuel
propanePropane/propane exchange at location
ulsdUltra-low sulfur diesel fuel
winterizedDieselWinter diesel fuel

Parking Information

10hourParkingMostly used for truck parking or extended parking
maximumParkingHoursMaximum permitted parking hours
rvParkingSpacesNumber of RV parking spaces
carParkingSpacesNumber of car parking spaces
truckParkingSpacesNumber of truck parking spaces
reservedParkingTruck parking spot reservations available

Repair Services

roadsideAssistanceRoadside assistance at location
tirePassIn-lane tire inflation and assessment service
tireServiceTire maintenance and purchasing available at location
truckRepairTruck repair and maintenance available at location
reeferServiceReefer service
frameAlignmentServiceFrame & Alignment service
acServiceA/C service
weldingServiceWelding service
hydraulicServiceHydraulic service
dpfServiceDPF service
electricTruckServiceElectric truck service
engineRepairEngine repair
trailerRepairTrailer repair
bodyRepairBody repair
glassRepairGlass repair
tarpRepairTarp repair
telematicRepairTelematics repair
tankInspectionTank inspection
dotInspectionDOT inspection
tankWashTank wash
partSalesPart sales
dieselEngineEmissionsTestingDiesel engine emissions testing
hazardousMaterialRecoveryCleanUpHazardous material recovery & clean-up

Facility Information Sample JSON

An example of the facilityInformation returned as part of the JSON describing a Place.

"facilityInformation": {
        "fuel": [
        "repairServices": [
        "amenities": [
        "parkingInformation": {
            "truckParkingSpaces": 275,
            "types": [
Last updated September 7, 2022.