Get Geofence

This API retrieves geofences by name or ID.

GET /Geofence



URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.



Get Geofence Response


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
EndTimeThe date/time when the geofences contained within this set will expiredate/time
NameThe name of the geofencestring
RadiusFor circular geofences, the radius in miles the geofence extends from a center pointdecimal
SetIdThe Id of the set that contains this fenceinteger
CountyThe county or jurisdictionstring
ShapePointsAn array containing the latitude/longitude pairs that define this fencearray of decimals[ [-74.12883,40.700414], [-74.029609,40.703538], [-74.059135,40.779233], [-74.12883,40.700414] ]
ShapeTypeThe type of the geofence shape.integer1 = circle
5 = polygon
StartTimeThe date/time when the geofences contained within this set become activedate/time
IdThe Id of this geofenceinteger


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
TypeIndicates whether the error is an exception or warningEnumWarning Exception
CodeError codeEnumPlease refer to Appendix for complete list
LegacyErrorCodeThe legacy error code with is an integer valued code that would have been returned in PC*MILER Web Services v25 and earlier.Int
DescriptionThe detailed error description.string