Drive Time Polygon (Isochrones)

This API retrieves a polygon of the location coordinates that can be reached from a center point within a specified driving time in minutes.

GET /route/DriveTimePolygon

Resource URL

Request Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow. See parameter descriptions below.




Request Parameter Descriptions

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
centerCoordinates of the center point represented in lon, lat format. There must be at least two numbers.Double-76.12345,42.12345
minutesTime limit from center.IntValid numbers are between 1 and 120 (2 hours).
hwyOnlyIndicates whether to use highways only.booleanTrue
vehTypeThe vehicle type.Enum0 - Truck(Default)
1 - LightTruck
2 - Auto
routingThe desired routing algorithm.Enum0 - Practical(Default)
1 - Shortest
overrideClassA comma separated list of class overridesEnum1 - NationalNetwork (U.S. Only)
2 - FiftyThreeFoot
0 - None (Default)
distUnitsDistance UnitsEnum0 - Miles(Default)
1 - Kilometers
tollAvoidIndicates whether or not to avoid tolls.booleanTrue
bordersIndicates whether borders are open for travel.booleanTrue
ovrdRestrictIndicates whether or not to override truck restrictions.booleanTrue
hazMatIndicates the hazardous material typeEnum0 - None(Default)
1 - General
2 - Caustic
3 - Explosives
4 - Flammable
5 - Inhalants
6 - Radioactive
trkUnitsVehicle dimension units.Enum0 - English(Default)
1 - Metric
trkHeightThe height of the truck in feet and inches or meters depending on units.string13'6" or 4.1148
trkLengthThe length of the truck in feet and inches or meters depending on units.string13'6" or 4.1148
trkWidthThe width of the truck in feet and inches or meters depending on units.string13'6" or 4.1148
trkWeightThe weight of the truck in pounds or kilograms depending on units.string
trkAxlesThe number of axles on the truck.IntAcceptable values are 2 through 14 and the default value is 5
trkLCVIndicates whether the truck is a multi-trailer or longer combination vehicle.booleanTrue
elevLimitIndicates the elevation limit when generating a route. Elevation unit is specified in feet or meters depending on the value of the distUnits query parameter being Miles or Kilometers respectively. This restriction is only available for the Current or PCM_NA datasets.IntNo restriction(Default)
maintainHeadingIndicates whether or not to maintain heading at intermediate stops by avoid u-turns and instead leaving the stop in the same direction it entered it.booleanTrue
regionThe data region in which pings are located.Enum4 - NA(Default)
1 - AF
2 - AS
3 - EU
5 - OC
6 - SA
7 - ME
datasetFor users licensed for multiple regional datasets.Enum0 - Current(Default)
1 - PCM_EU
2 - PCM_OC
3 - PCM_SA
4 - PCM_GT
5 - PCM_AF
6 - PCM_AS
7 - PCM_ME
8 - PCM_NA
9 - PCM_WW
Last updated March 30, 2020.