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Route Comparison

The Route Comparison APIs can help you plan routes by considering the time and distance between a series of locations. These APIs include:

  • Drive Time Polygon (Isochrones), which retrieves a polygon of the location coordinates that can be reached from a center point within a specified driving time in minutes.
  • Route Matrix, which returns the travel time and distance for a matrix of origins and destinations.


To call the Route Comparison APIs, you must have a PC*Miler Web Services API key. Route Matrix also requires an add-on license.


Resource URLs

Drive Time Polygon endpoint:

Route Matrix endpoint:

Getting Started

Parameter descriptions and sample requests are available for both Drive Time Polygon and Route Matrix. Our developer guide also provides code samples for requests in common programming languages, as well as “How to Guides” for common tasks with the APIs.

Last updated June 7, 2024.
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