Route Matrix

The Route Matrix API returns the travel time and distance for a matrix of origins and destinations. It does not provide any detailed information about the route. The limit of origins and destinations is 10 * 10.

GET /route/matrix

Resource URL

URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.




Route Matrix Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
OriginsA collection of Geocoded origins.List of GeocodeOutputLocation Object
DestinationsA collection of Geocoded destination.List of GeocodeOutputLocation Object
MatrixInfoA series of geographic coordinate points that make up a route.List of List of RouteMatrixInfo Object


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
SuccessIndicate if route is success or not.boolean
ErrorsRoute errorsList of Errors Object
TimeRoute timestring
DistanceRoute distancestring


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
TypeIndicates whether the error is an exception or warningEnumWarning Exception
CodeError codeEnum
LegacyErrorCodeThe legacy error code with is an integer valued code that would have been returned in PC*MILER Web Services v25 and earlier.Int
DescriptionThe detailed error description.string