Directions Report

The Directions Report provides turn-by-turn directions for a route.

Directions Report Request


URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.

Directions Report Specific Parameter

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
CondenseDirectionsIndicate whether or not to condense the driving directions within the report.boolean


Direction Report Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
typeDescribes the type of report and what it does.stringDirectionReport
RouteIDThe route identification key(Can be null)Int
OriginWhere the route started fromComplex
Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
AddressEncapsulates the details about the locationComplex
CoordsEncapsulates the details about the longitude/latitudeComplex
RegionIndicates the region of the locationEnum
LabelThe label to be displayed on maps and reports in association with a stopstring
PlaceNameThe place name which corresponds to custom place.string
ErrorsEncapsulated the details about the errors associated with the geocode locationList of Complex Objects
DestinationWhere the route ends at.ComplexSee Origin row above
ReportLegsTurn by turn directions from origin.Complex
Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
Originwhere the route started from.ComplexSee origin row above.
ReportLinesGives us the directions and for the route we are taking to destinationComplex
DestWhere the route ends at.ComplexSee origin row above.