Mileage Report

The Mileage Report provides the distance, time, and cost for each stop on a route. It can be set to retrieve distances in miles (default) or kilometers.

URL Parameters

This table includes the most frequently used parameters. Please see the Route Reports overview page for a full list. If you would like to test out this API, enter values in the table below and scroll down the page to submit your request. Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.

Mileage Report Specific Parameter

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
THoursWithSecondsflag to return THours to the seconds precision. HH:MM:SSboolean

Mileage Report Request




Mileage Report Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
typeDescribes the type of report and what it does.stringMileageReport
RouteIDThe route identification key(Can be null)int
ReportLinesIndicates the miles, time and cost for each stop on the route.Complex


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
StopsDescribes the stops encountered on the route.Complex
Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/ExampleNote
AddressEncapsulates the details about the locationComplex
CoordsEncapsulates the details about the longitude/latitudeComplex
RegionIndicates the region of the locationEnum
LabelThe label to be displayed on maps and reports in association with a stopstringNot Applicable
PlaceNameThe place name which corresponds to custom place.stringNot Applicable
ErrorsEncapsulated the details about the errors associated with the geocode locationList of Complex Objects
LMilesMiles spent on this leg of the routestring
TMilesIndicates the total miles for that specific route stop.string
LCostMileCost Miles spent on this leg of the routestring
TCostMileTotal cost miles spent on the routestring
LHoursHours spent on this leg for the routestring
THoursTotal hours on the routestring
LTollsTolls on this leg for the routestring
TTollsTotal tolls on the routestring
LEstghgEstimated green house gas on this leg for the routestring
TEstghgTotal estimated green house gas on the routestring
EtaEtdEstimated time of arrival or departurestring


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
StreetAddressThe house number and street namestring495 Walker Road
CityThe name of the citystringEndicott
StateThe two letter state abbreviationstringNY
ZipThe postal code or zipstring13760
CountyThe county or jurisdiction.stringBroome
CountryThe name of the countrystringUnited States
SPLCThe Standard Point Location code to use in place of street/city/state/zipstring
CountryPostalFilterThe postal code filter; use this to filter zip codes by countryEnumUs
AbbreviationFormatThe abbreviation format for the country code. This is not applicable for NA datasetEnumFIPS
CountryAbbreviationAbbreviated country code corresponding to requested format.string


Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
Last updated March 23, 2020.