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PC*MILER Versions

Resource URL

GET /pcmversion

Retrieves a list of the PC*MILER versions available based on the region of the world entered. The default region is NA - North America. This API requires a premium web services subscription. New versions of PC*MILER are generally released for North America in late June or early July and the rest of the world in September.

Request Parameter

NameDescriptionData TypeValues
regionThe region of the world for which you want to retrieve the currently available versions of PC*MILER.
Available Regions:
AF - Africa
AS - Asia
EU - Europe
NA - North America
OC - Australian continent
SA - South America
ME - Middle East

Response Parameter

NameDescriptionData TypeValues
pcmversionsAn array of the currently available versions of PC*MILER.
Array of strings
PCM18 and higher

Sample Request

Sample Response

"pcmversions": ["PCM18","PCM19","PCM20","PCM21","PCM22","PCM23","PCM24","PCM25","PCM26","PCM27","PCM28","PCM29","PCM30","PCM31","PCM32","PCM33","PCM34","PCM35", "PCM36", "PCM37"]

Error Codes

Unlicensed for RatingThis API key is not licensed for rating.
Last updated August 7, 2023.