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RoutePath Report

The Route Path Report retrieves a series of geographic coordinates that make up a route. The route is generated using the parameters below.

Available for dataVersion 34 and Higher

Requires a license for access to Trimble Maps JavaScript.


With your API key, you can try a RoutePath Report request using the form below. The required parameters are marked with an asterisk. You can enter values for any of the optional parameters by first checking the box next to them. Scroll down the page to submit your request.

RoutePath Request



RoutePath Report Response

Data Element Description Data Type
type Indicates the type of response
geometry The route points of the route that was run GeoJson Geometry
TMinutes The trip’s total times in minutes.
TDistance The trip’s total distance in miles.
vehiclerestrictedcleanupgeometry List of coordinates that represents the path from the drivable road network to a stop located on a pedestrian only road. (This is usually the path the driver has walk to reach a stop on a vehicle-restricted road.) This path, if one exists, is only returned when includeVehicleRestrictedCleanupPoints is set to true in the request. GeoJson Geometry


Data Element Description Data Type Value/Example
Type Indicates the type of geometry
Multistring (currently this is the only value)
Coordinates A series of geographic coordinate points that make up a route Json array of arrays
Last updated May 16, 2024.
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