State Report

The State Report provides detailed mileage information for each state or country traveled through on the route.

State/Country Mileage Report Request


URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow.



State Report Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
typeDescribes the type of report and what it does.stringStateReport
RouteIDThe route identification key(Can be null)Int
ReportLinesIndicates the stops, miles, interests and details on the road for a route.Complex
Data ElementDescriptionData TypeValue/Example
StopDescribes the stops encountered on the route.Complex
LMilesMiles spent on the leg of the routedouble0.0
TMilesTotal miles spent on the routedouble0.0
LCostMileCost/mile spent on the leg of the routedouble0.00
TCostMileTotal cost/mile spent on the routedouble0.00
LHoursHours spent on the leg of routetime0:00
THoursTotal hours spent on routetime0:00