Weather Alerts Report

Available in North America Only

The Weather Alerts Report provides detailed descriptions of all alerts generated along the route. We recommend setting a departure time for the route so the report does not return alerts that expire before a vehicle would reach an alert area. Use estimatedTimeOpts to set the departure time.

Weather Alerts Report Request


URL Parameters

Required parameters are highlighted in yellow. Set the urgency, severity, certainty or eventNames parameters to narrow your results.



Weather Alerts Report Response

Data ElementDescriptionData TypeExample Value
AlertEventShort text that describes the weather alert.stringExtreme Fire Danger
AreaDescThe areas covered by the alert.stringCoastal Collier County; Glades; Hendry; Inland Broward County; Inland Collier County
CertaintyThe certainty of the event in the alert message.stringLikely
CountryCodeAlert country code in ISO 2 format.stringUS
DispEffectiveThe effective time with time zone.string2019-12-11T05:19:00-05:00
DispExpiresThe expiry time with time zone.string2019-12-11T08:00:00-05:00
DispPublishedTime the alert was published with time zone.string2019-12-11T05:19:00-05:00
DispUpdatedThe time the alert was last updated with time zone.string2019-12-11T05:19:00-05:00
EffectiveThe effective time of the information of the alert message.dateTime/Date(1576085580000-0500)/
ExpiresThe expiry time of the information of the alert message.dateTime/Date(1576090800000-0500)/
LanguageCodeThe alert language.stringen-us
PublishedDate and time that the alert was published.dateTime/Date(1576070760000-0500)/
SeverityThe severity of the event in the alert message.stringMinor
SummaryA text summary of the weather alert.string…DENSE FOG ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 9 AM EST THIS MORNING
TitleThe title for the alert message.stringDense Fog Advisory issued December 11 at 5:38AM EST until December 11 at 9:00AM EST by NWS
UpdatedDate and time the alert was updated.dateTime/Date(1576078680000-0500)/
UrgencyThe severity of the event in the alert message.stringExpected
IDThe URL for the source of the weather alert.string