Vehicle Routing Profiles


A Vehicle Routing Profile is a collection of settings that ensure our routing algorithm knows the type of vehicle being driven so it can apply all road restrictions when generating the route. Routing Profiles also include settings that take into account a fleet’s preferences for how a vehicle should be routed.

This API allows you to:

  • Create and update custom Vehicle Routing Profiles for use in CoPilot navigation and our JavaScript maps and RESTful APIs.

  • Use one of our preset “out of the box” profiles in your applications. Multiple preset profiles are available for each worldwide region. They can be retrieved using the Get Default Profiles API.

Getting Started

To gain access to the Vehicle Routing Profiles API, you must be a Premium Web Services subscriber and request access by contacting our Support Team at .

If you are not a subscriber, please contact your Trimble MAPS representative or our Sales team for more information.

Resource URL

What Can You Do?

  • Create a Vehicle Routing Profile
  • Update an existing Routing Profile
  • Retrieve a Routing Profile (Trimble MAPS preset profiles and custom profiles) by name or by ID.
  • Delete a Routing Profile (custom profiles only)

Connection with FleetPortal

This API is synced with FleetPortal, our fleet management web tool for customers using CoPilot for in-cab GPS navigation. Routing profiles created in FleetPortal can be called and modified via these APIs, and profiles created via these APIs can be viewed and modified in the FleetPortal user interface.

FleetPortal then allows you to assign routing profiles to specific groups of vehicles or drivers using CoPilot for GPS navigation.

Last updated April 14, 2021.