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Trip Settings

This API allows you to get or set specific values, such as event notification thresholds, for an individual trip. For the specified trip, these settings override the default API key settings that were selected at the time the API key was created.

For example, if the API key has a setting of 2 miles for the threshold of when an Out-of-Corridor event is triggered, the Trip Settings API can set it to 1 mile or any other value for the specific trip only.

To get the correct values, users of this API must perform authentication using the API key that is associated with the Company Account.

POST /trip/{tripID}/settings/{setting}

GET /trip/{tripID}/settings/{setting}

Setting the Out-of-Corridor Threshold for a Trip

The “Out of Corridor” or OoC threshold is the distance a vehicle or GPS ping departs from the planned route at which the Trip Management service generates an OoC event notification.

Resource URL{tripID}/settings/ooc

Path Field

Field Description Type Required
tripId The alkTripId returned when you planned the trip.

POST Body Field

Field Description Type Required
oocDistanceThreshold The threshold distance at which an Out of Corridor event notification will be triggered. The distance unit is Miles and the value should be greater than 0.

Sample POST Request

  oocDistanceThreshold: 5

Sample POST Response

  success: true,
  message: null

Sample GET Response

  oocDistanceThreshold: 5.0
Last updated November 23, 2021.