Road Speeds

The GetRoadSpeeds operation allows the user to retrieve stored road speeds. The roadspeeds are for different road classes within a state. The GetRoadSpeeds operation returns a collection of RoadSpeed objects, where each item contains the state name, the road type/class, and the roadspeed value.


<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <m:AuthHeader xmlns:m="">
    <m:GetRoadSpeeds xmlns:m="">

RoadSpeeds Request

Request Body Members

Represents a RoadSpeedsRequest structure containing the request header and the road speed request body.

JurisdictionA string value. The jurisdiction (state within NA and country outside NA) abbreviation for retrieval of road speed data.

Usage: Jurisdiction = "NJ"
AbbreviationFormatAn enumeration value. The country abbreviation format for use outside NA. Default is FIPS.

Usage: AbbreviationFormat = CountryAbbreviationType.ISO2
VehicleAn enumeration value. The Vehicle type, either Auto or Truck for which to retrieve road speeds. Default is Truck.

Usage: Vehicle = VehicleType.Auto
RegionAn enumeration value. The Region which is only required when sending country abbreviations against the WorldWide Data. Default is the default region of the data.

Usage: Region = DataRegion.EU

Calling Get RoadSpeeds

RoadSpeedsRequest request = new RoadSpeedsRequest();
  request.Header = new  RequestHeader() { DataVersion =  DataVersion.ToString(), RequestType = "GetRoadSpeeds" };
  // construct body - NJ roads
  request.Body = new RoadSpeedsRequestBody();
  request.Body.Jurisdiction = "NJ";
  request.Body.Vehicle = VehicleType.Auto;

  // Create the authentication and authorization header
  AuthHeader soapHeader =  GenerateAuthHeader( APIName);

  // Create the service client
  ServiceClient service = new ServiceClient();

  // Call API
  RoadSpeedsResponse response = service.GetRoadSpeeds(soapHeader, request);