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Road Speeds

The GetRoadSpeeds operation allows the user to retrieve stored road speeds. The roadspeeds are for different road classes within a state. The GetRoadSpeeds operation returns a collection of RoadSpeed objects, where each item contains the state name, the road type/class, and the roadspeed value.


<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <m:AuthHeader xmlns:m="">
    <m:GetRoadSpeeds xmlns:m="">

RoadSpeeds Request

Request Body Members

Represents a RoadSpeedsRequest structure containing the request header and the road speed request body.

Element Definition Required
Jurisdiction A string value. The jurisdiction (state within NA and country outside NA) abbreviation for retrieval of road speed data.

Usage: Jurisdiction = "NJ"
AbbreviationFormat An enumeration value. The country abbreviation format for use outside NA. Default is FIPS.

Usage: AbbreviationFormat = CountryAbbreviationType.ISO2
Vehicle An enumeration value. The Vehicle type, either Auto or Truck for which to retrieve road speeds. Default is Truck.

Usage: Vehicle = VehicleType.Auto
Region An enumeration value. The Region which is only required when sending country abbreviations against the WorldWide Data. Default is the default region of the data.

Usage: Region = DataRegion.EU

Calling Get RoadSpeeds

RoadSpeedsRequest request = new RoadSpeedsRequest();
  request.Header = new  RequestHeader() { DataVersion =  DataVersion.ToString(), RequestType = "GetRoadSpeeds" };
  // construct body - NJ roads
  request.Body = new RoadSpeedsRequestBody();
  request.Body.Jurisdiction = "NJ";
  request.Body.Vehicle = VehicleType.Auto;

  // Create the authentication and authorization header
  AuthHeader soapHeader =  GenerateAuthHeader( APIName);

  // Create the service client
  ServiceClient service = new ServiceClient();

  // Call API
  RoadSpeedsResponse response = service.GetRoadSpeeds(soapHeader, request);
Last updated November 23, 2021.