What is PC*MILER|Rail?

PC*MILER|Rail generates routes and mileage between rail-served locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. For over 30 years, our railroad database has been used in creation of the annual Carload Waybill Sample for the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, as well as for numerous diversion studies and costing applications. PC*MILER|Rail is widely used by railroads, rail shippers and rail car lessors in North America. Visit www.pcmiler.com/rail/ for more information on PC*MILER|Rail product functionality.

What is PC*MILER|Rail Web Services?

PC*MILER|Rail Web Services is a way of accessing PC*MILER|Rail functionality over the internet. It offers standardized ways of integrating Web-based applications using XML and SOAP, or using a REST Interface.

What can you do with PC*MILER|Rail Web Services?

PC*MILER|Rail Web Services APIs can be used to calculate rail routes and distances based on a set of routing options, for the purposes of using that information in other applications such as rating, fuel surcharge computations, rail equipment usage monitoring, etc.

Accessing the Service

The PC*MILER|Rail APIs provide a direct way to access these services via HTTPS requests.

Version Support

Multiple versions will be supported. Each version will be available for approximately two years.

The version number needs to be specified in the service request as in the examples below.

If an unsupported version number is specified, an error response will be generated.


Where {version} = release version
For version 24.0, https://pcmrail.alk.com/REST/v24.0/Service.svc
For version 24.1, https://pcmrail.alk.com/REST/v24.1/Service.svc


Where {version} = release version
For version 24.0,
https://pcmrail.alk.com/SOAP/v24.0/Service.svc?wsdl and https://pcmrail.alk.com/SOAP/v24.0/Service.svc
For version 24.1,
https://pcmrail.alk.com/SOAP/v24.1/Service.svc?wsdl and https://pcmrail.alk.com/SOAP/v24.1/Service.svc


All requests to PC*MILER|Rail Web Services must include a valid API Key.
Go to https://info.maps.trimble.com/get-an-api-key contact Trimble MAPS sales and obtain your API key.
For SOAP insert the API Key in the Authorization field of the SOAP message.


For REST insert the API Key in the http Authorization header or append AuthToken={APIKey} to the query string.

Technical Support

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm, Mon-Fri, Eastern Standard Time
Phone: 1.800.377.6453, ext. 2
Email: suppo.nosp@m.rt@t.nosp@m.rimbl.nosp@m.emap.nosp@m.s.com